about me

Being the owner of G.K.-Services it is a pleasure to introduce myself to you:


My name is Hans-Günter Kuhlmann and I was born in Bielefeld in 1955.

I am divorced, father of two adult children and I live very happy together with my partner in life since many years. I grew up in Bielefeld and attended the grammar school in Werther/Westphalia. This was followed by attending and successfully passing the Commercial College in Bielefeld.

From 1974 to 1976 I learned the profession of a commercial freight-forwarder. My years as an apprentice had been in Danzas GmbH in Bielefeld.

Immediately after the final examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry I signed an open-ended contract with the Danzas GmbH.


In May 1977 a new department „Fairs and Exhibitions“ was created and I was one of the two first employees in Danzas GmbH in Northern Germany ever working on this subject exclusively.

Over the years the mini-department became an independent branch-office and Danzas GmbH founded the specialized Danzas Messen GmbH. These processes I co-organized actively.


In 1991 I became an authorized signatory of the company and in 1995 I was appointed as branch-director. I was responsible for all overseas exhibition-activities of the German Danzas-Group. Mid of 1997 – after more than 20 years in the exhibition business – I quit and left the company. Short time later Danzas was taken over by Deutsche Post and became a part of DHL. In the same year, 1997, I was a founding shareholder of  an exhibition freight-forwarder carried on by the owners and operating worldwide.


From the first day – again more than 13 years – I was a Managing Director holding sole power of representation.

However, for me personally it is time to tackle new tasks. I would like you to profit from my decades of experience and professional competence.


This is why I founded G.K.-Services in 2011.